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- Testimonials -


  • I have recently found Le Baci and knew instantly these products would be part of my life. I love them all so the hard part is deciding what is my favourite.
    I am in my late 50s so in need of good quality skin care that works and is affordable, Le Baci fulfil that need perfectly. Thank you so very much.
    Sue, Victoria Australia.

  • Q: Hi...I use your amazing products. The day cream & night cream, serum & eye contour. As I am 61 years of age I'm needing just a little bit more help. I must say the results have been amazing so far in the 6 months of using the above. Which product would you recommend to introduce to my regime. The main area of concern is around the lips. Thanks in advance. Diane.

  • A: Hi Diane so glad you enjoy our products. If you are looking for something a little stronger, may I suggest our Peptide range of products, either the "Collagen gel" with "Mature age" - or you could use the "Collagen gel" under the day and night cream. Hope this has been of help to you. Regards Marcia

  • All of your products, which I have purchased, are an absolute joy to use !
    Your very reasonable, non diamond hocking prices, are an absolute joy to pay !
    I will soon use your new Cosmeceutical Range. Looks amazing !. Gabrielle, Western Australia.

  • Have been using all of your products and they feel fantastic.
    Thanks again. Jenny, Victoria Australia.

  • Im a beauty therapist I LOVE your products and really LOVED the clarifying cream. if I were to make them myself Id make them just like you do. I adore the rose fragrance. This is real luxury skincare. Thank you. Annie, Daylesford Victoria Australia.

  • Have been using all of your products and they feel fantastic, thanks again. Jenny, Vic Australia.

  • I bought your products last week and I love them! My naturopath uses and stocks them, and her skin is beautiful for a woman in her sixties; she looks twenty years younger even though shes French and has that European skin - (Australia has been her home for many years) I threw out everything else I had been using, thats how impressed I am with the range. The cleanser smells so nice and chemical free and the day cream and anti-aging serum are really light and my skin feels firm and hydrated, Thankyou. Jann, Victoria Australia.


  • " I wouldn't have imagined le Baci could make my skin so much better as I already had nice skin, but the results are just stunning, even my husband noticed". Barbara, Espoo Finland.



Anti-Wrinkle Serum

  • I found out about your products this afternoon from my sister in law who recently started using your products. I sent a text around to a few ladies for help on recommended beauty products. Late last week I needed to change products as what I was using wasn't great. I ever went backwards after going to local supermarket and purchasing something. The last couple of days my face has became burning and very dry. I immediately stopped and my sister in law gave me a sample of your cleanser and serum. Amazing! After today with my face feeling crappy, I am going to bed with my face feeling like I have found the right product for me. Danielle, Victoria Australia.

  • I got the bottle of Anti-wrinkle Serum you guys sent and it is amazing!. Alana, CA USA.

  • I am really enjoying the New Anti Wrinkle Intensive Serum, (my skin was already looking and feeling fabulous with your wonderful skin care range,) I have used it for about a month now and have noticed a huge improvement, especially around my eyes and neck. I don't normally write  testimonials, but Le Baci has made  such a difference to my skin. Thankyou so much, I love your products. Melinda, Victoria Australia.

  • "All I have to say is "Fantastic". I have only been using the Anti wrinkle serum for two weeks and I have found that it has plumped and reduced my fine line wrinkles already, I can't wait to see the results in two months. Love your products to bits". Jane, Toronto Canada.

  • "After trying so many ant-wrinkle creams with much disappointment, I have found your Anti-wrinkle intensive serum to be by far the best I have used. The fine lines on my face and chest have improved dramatically and the deep facial lines seem to be so much softer and less visible, thank you for a product that actually does what it claims". Sue, Bath England.

  • Cant live with out the Anti wrinkle serum LOVE IT. Cindy, Victoria Australia.


Argile french clay

  • Just to let you know how happy I am with the collagen cream and aha cream, especially how beautiful and toned my skin feels after using the pink Argile French clay, I love the fact that I can make it up myself, so it is fresh and still full of actives. Love my new complexion. Sandra, Fishponds England.


C15 Booster - vitamin C serum

  • Love the vitamin C Booster, my sun sports have faded and my skin feels really soft . Thank you . Michelle, Victoria Australia.

  •  I love this product, it has faded my pigmentation and results on fine lines have been impressive. Zu, Victoria Australia.


Clarifying night cream

  • The Aha natural skin care range is my favourite the results are fantastic and my skin feels as soft as silk, with a healthy glowing complexion. Brigitte, Bristol England.


Collagen Gel

  • Up Date - Just wanted to let you know, that after using your Ant-Wrinkle serum for many years now, with great results, I decided to give the Collagen Serum a try instead, as it has a much higher % of peptides compared to the 3% Peptides in the Anti-Wrinkle Serum. I have been using it now for around two months and OMG the results are very impressive. I will defiantly continue to use this beautiful product. Sue, Bath England.

  • I am using the Hydrating Collagen Gel. My texture of my skin is smoother and clearer. The Pump in the packaging makes it easy to apply just the right amount. This product glides on beautifully, doesn't sting, and absorbs onto your skin nicely. It is great to look in the mirror ans see younger looking skin. I highly recommend this company and this product. The results speak for themselves.
    I also use the Mature Age-Youth Rejuvenation cream. This product delivers results. Fine lines began to fade almost immediately and deep wrinkles are  improving well. I love the air pump jar. My skin also feel more hydrated. And thank you Le Baci for your natural approach to skin care it is so much better than all the other skin care out there that is full of chemicals that can be dangerous for your health and for the health of your skin.
    Kind regards. Yours Sincerely, Deanna Vic Australia.

  • I tried your collagen gel and found it perfect for my skin. After a couple of months I can really see the difference, this is my NEW best friend. Thanks Le Baci. Debra, Vic Australia.

  • This is the best product I have ever used, I feel a change already after four weeks, very hydrating. Can't wait to see the long term results. Cindy, Victoria Australia.


Exfoliating face polish

  • All I can say is, wow. Your Aha Exfoliating face polish is amazing, it removed my dry skin to reveal a health glowing complexion, I am very happy". Janet, NSW Australia.


Eye & lip contour

  • "Your Marine Collagen eye and lip contour is a dream. Since using it, I have found my under eye to be more supple and hydrated, plus dare I say, fine lines seem to have disappeared. Thank you very much for such a delightful product".  Debra, Victoria Australia.

  • It is the best product for my eyes it reduces the puffiness. Sophia, Vic Australia.


Hydra-Firm day cream

  • "I have had so many comments on how beautiful my skin has been, since using the Le Baci collagen skin care range". Vicki, Queensland Australia.

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful skin care products. Your Hydra-Firm day cream feel great on my skin and my complexion has never looked better Yippee. I have tried so many other brands before but have not had the outstanding results that I have got from you, your products are defiantly by far the best thank you so very much".  Helen, Libertyville United States.


Mature Age

  • Just to let you know that I am loving the mature skin moisturiser. Fabulous at night time. Sally, Balnarring Victoria Australia.

  • Had been using a simular product for many years, but had to stop using it as it had became very expensive. I came across your Mature age cream while trying to find a replacement and found it to be a beautiful product at a much cheaper price and the results are fantastic. Thank you Le Baci, now I don't have to hock my Diamonds :-) Janet, NSW Australia.

  • After trying many products over the years with little results, I am very impressed with the Mature Age Cream, my break outs no longer exist and my skin feel much more firmer and hydrated. Finally a product that actually works on my skin. Thank you. Heather, Brisbane Australia.

  • The Hydrating Collagen Gel and the Mature Age Rejuvenation Cream. These two products deliver results. Fine lines begin to fade almost immediately and deep wrinkles are improving well. My skin is more hydrated and my skin texture and skin tone has improved. The packaging makes its easy to apply just the right amount. The results speak for themselves and its great to look back into the mirror and see younger looking skin. I really love these products and will continue use them.
    Marcia thank you kindly for the skin care you have created, Yours Sincerely. Deanna Vic Australia.


Moisture boost-e

  • "I simply love your rose skin tonic, especially the moisture boost E as it helps tighten the pores on my face and does wonders for my turkey neck. My skin has never felt so soft and silky. Thank you so very much". Samantha, Qld Australia.

  • "I have been using your intensive serum and night cream for over 6 months, and recently ordered the day cream. I absolutely love your products.  My skin is clear, smooth and stays moisturised rather than drying out as it does with most products. I also love the natural ingredients in your products". Nicole, Qld Australia.


Replenish hand & body lotion

  • I am amazes at how wonderful your hand and body lotion performs as a massage lotion on my clients, the lemongrass smell just lovely and my clients comment on how wonderfully hydrated and moisturised their skin feels afterwards. Sharon, Victoria Australia.

  • Congratulations on your wonderful line of natural Skincare products. So far I have had the pleasure of trying out your deodorant and replenish hand and body lotion with lavender and lemongrass.I am particularly fond of the hand and body lotion. I work within the healthcare industry and found that it is like heaven for my hands, which often endure having to be washed many times throughout the day. The hand and body lotion is a gods end. Continued success with your great products. Thank you for such terrific service. Raquel, Queensland Australia.


Resurface enzyme peel

  • I have been a regular user of Le baci for a number of years. I absolutely love your resurface exfoliation papain enzyme, thank you. Sally, Balnarring Australia.


Rose skin tonic

  • I simply love your rose skin tonic as it refreshes and hydrates my skin, especially the moisture boost E serum as it helps tighten the pores on my face and does wonders for my turkey neck. My skin has never felt so soft and silky. Thank you so very much". Samantha, Queensland Australia.

  • "Loving the facial cleanser its truly beautiful and so is  the toner****thank you  so very much for that". Lynda, Sydney Australia.



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