Winter Skin Care Tips

Le Baci Winter Skin Care Tips

The winter months are once again upon us and with the winter comes dreadful skin irritation and dryness. But this winter instead of just watching your skin lose its shine and lustre, why not try combating the effects of winter weather on your skin.

The cold, dry air is harmful to your skin's natural oils. So by getting enough sleep, moisturising and  hydrating
with a great moisturising day cream ,using a exfoliating face polish and an  exfoliating night cream, we can stop the winter weather skin breakdown.

Not only do our bodies need sufficient amounts of sleep, so does our skin. Sleep in general allows our body to repair and rejuvenate. Without enough sleep, the skin will grow dry and haggard. So six to eight hours restful sleep, can and will improve the look and condition of our skin, as well as, all other body functions.

Rest can rehydrate the skin but moisturisers are great for keeping moisture in the skin. It is important to also use a body exfoliant as well as a body moisturiser all over the body after showering or bathing. The oils in the lotion will trap water in the skin, naturally increasing the skin's hydration.


Our skin naturally sheds layers constantly. Due to low humidity levels during the winter months, this shedding becomes more prevalent and noticeable.

While this is not harmful to the skin, it can lead to scaly and pealing patches, especially on the face. A weekly body exfoliation of the top layer of facial skin, will help to bring back lustre and radiance that the winter months take away.

While moisturisers work wonders for skin hydration, nothing is as good as hydrating the skin tissue from within. During winter months, consuming plenty of  water during the day will bring back new life to the skin. We must remember that water is hydration for skin tissue.

The winter months are usually barren and cold, and sweating is one of the main irritants to the skin during the winter months. To stop the skin from sweating, try dressing in multiple layers of clothing, this will allow you to peel off layers when needed and reapply as you like.

Taking care of your skin during the winter months, is as important as summer skin care with it's wrinkle prevention. Low humidity levels cause skin dryness and peeling, while sweating may irritate. Follow these simple five tips for winter skin care and you will jump into spring with lustrous radiant skin.

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