Spring Skin Care Tips

Le Baci - Spring Skin Care TipsWith the spring sun peaking out from behind the clouds, you may be gearing up for the warmer days ahead. Looking forward to barbecues,  beaches and soaking up the sun, but is your skin ready to show its face to the world? If you feel you may not be ready to bare all, it may be time for a spring skin makeover.

After a long winter of long sleeves and winter boats, your skin may be looking a little less than picture perfect. Dry, cold weather can wreak absolute havoc on the skin. So if you think your skin could use a little freshening up, then read on. Below are some tips to get your skin glowing with excitement for the spring and summer weather that is just around the corner.

Hydration: A good hydration facial oil as well as a hydrating facial sprits s the key to youthful vital skin. Getting into the habit of consuming eight or more glasses of good quality water a day will help your skin be looking fabulous come warmer days. Don't forget to us a gentle facial cleanser, that won't strip your skin of vital moisture and oils. Don't forget that the eyes are the first thing people notice, so be sure to use an eye cream that is both hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

Exfoliation: So last time you happened to catch a glance at your skin, your face was dry, or perhaps even worse, entirely reptilian. Although winter weather can be much to blame, slacking off on the sloughing off can also get you into trouble. Now is therefore the time to say good bye to those dry flaky bits with a little exfoliating magic. A good exfoliating face cream wonít further dry out your skin but will merely help you get rid of the dry wrinkly look.

EFAs: Yes, thatís right another reason to keep eating (or start eating) those essential fatty acids everyoneís on about. EFAs are really important when in comes to keeping your skin in good condition. EFAs as found in flax seeds, hemp seeds, or deep water fish like salmon, provide essential nutrients for your skin. These nutrients not only help to hydrate and plum up the skin, but help also to water proof the skin. EFAs help the body to maintain impermeability while providing the building blocks for healthy cells. So if you have been slacking on the skin care front, you can get yours skin ready for spring with an early barbecue and some grilled salmon.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A has long been known to be an important component in skin care. Vitamin A is often found in facial creams. Vitamin A has a proven ability to help fade out brown spots and aging spots and to smooth rough edges and are essential to making the skin look and feel younger.

Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 is another skin enhancement, which is often overlooked and yet the truth is that vitamin B3 has been shown to significantly reduce redness and to boost hydration while proven to strengthen the skinís protective barriers. If this wasnít enough it can also reduce and minimize dark pigmented spots.

With these few tips your skin should be looking amazing come summer time. By starting out now and working towards getting the skin you want you will be sure to be sporting the best glow in town come summer dress and flip flops weather. By taking charge of your skin care regimen now you will be ready for those warm summer nights and hot days at the beach.


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